AV WIZARD Hans Cromheecke

AV WIZARD Hans Cromheecke

The person who does it all.

Happy living in Grimbergen, the surrounding of Brussels, with my small family. I am 47 years old but still love to experiment as a small boy.

I am a wizard, creating and inventing AV solutions. During the creating process, one can not follow my brains unless you like to experiment as well.

I need challenges, going from seeding in my town garden to inventing new technologies.

My bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering was useful during my career. While working for different companies, I've discovered the never changing AV world. The projects were at start small but became bigger and bigger... the sky is no limit !

My interest goes to all AV directions, as long as I can conjure to result in a superb realisation.

I am passionate to create and to deliver.

AV WIZARD  Hans Cromheecke

Contact Info

AV WIZARD Hans Cromheecke

Lagesteenweg, 22

1850 - Grimbergen

+32 475 243 032