Your trusted partner, over 40 years of experience, speaking your language, with a heart for the Belgian Event Industry.

BEGLEC is a 100% belgian manufacturer and wholesaler of audio and light equipment. 

Praised for their unparalleled service level, the centrally located company has grown to Belgium’s leading supplier in the event industry.

Founded in the early 80’s, Beglec imported and distributed legendary brands like Stanford, Griven, Ohm and more.

Soon Beglec created its own brand JB SYSTEMS®, which meant a true revolution in the european market of sound and light : affordable solutions, but always of decent quality.

BRITEQ® and SYNQ® were created 20 years later.  They follow Beglec’s philosophy: making professional products accessible without compromising on quality. 

Both brands offer both unique innovations and reliable classics for events and installs.

In 2017, Beglec acquired french company HIT MUSIC, thus adding a wide range of install products to the offer and enlarging it activities on global scale.

The product development is done entirely in Belgium by an experienced team that understands the needs of the event industry.

Support and repairs are assured by a local team of technicians assuring fast and high quality responses.

Served by people who speak your language, understand your challenges, your opportunities… Beglec assures a close personal contact with its customers.

By honoring its values, keeping stability and humbly listening to the market, Beglec remains Belgiums most reliable supplier in the event industry : AT YOUR SERVICE AND ALWAYS NEARBY.


’t Hofveld 2 C

1702 - Groot-Bijgaarden

+32 (0)2/481.70.70