SLV Rent


We offer the perfect solution for sound, light and video on every seminar, congress, presentation, party, fashion show and VIP party. Your customers and their guests can feel at ease, the way they keep a perfect event in their memories.

Concept support by means of the perfect combination of sound, light and video, perfectly maintained material, a professional staff and a personal approach makes SLV Rent your outstanding event partner.  

SLV Rent cannot be considered as a regular rental company. Our company is rather unique in its kind, because our team is bursting from the very first moment to bring the concept of your event to life. We inform you on technique, logistics and communication, the way your event cannot be disturbed by any kind of problems with sound, light or video. Delivering the audiovisual material you need for your event is not the end of our job, it is just a start. 

Only the best brands

SLV Rent has a lot of high end brands in stock. This means we can also offer  last minute solutions and rent material to other AV companies when they cannot offer the brand required or when they have lacks in their own stocks to deliver material for a next event


Professional equipment maintenance

Only the best is good enough for SLV Rent. Our SLV Rent maintenance engineer keeps our equipment clean and tidy and carries out preventative maintenance. Moreover, our material is inspected on a regular basis by an approved inspection body. This means you can rely on the perfect quality and conditions of our material.

Internal quality label

At return of our material, everything is subject to a severe incoming goods inspection: we check whether everything is complete and returned in good condition. Only the material that passes the inspection is put into the boxes. These boxes get a label and are stored on the correct location in our warehouse, the way we know all our material is in perfect condition for the next event. We stick to this internal quality label, because this way, we assure our customers that problems due to wear or pollution are completely out of the question.

A carefree event

Since SLV Rent pulls out all the stops to avoid any kind of horror scenario, you only have to enjoy your event. So no worries, no panic, no sleepless nights. Thanks to SLV Rent, you can enjoy a smooth and carefree event with only satisfied customers!